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Around Town

The S. C. Department of transportation plans to replace two bridges on US 301. See the Newsletter for details.

Election Coming:
Please go out and vote on the 31st of March, 2020

Becky's Café and Catering for All Events. Phone:

See Newsletter for details.

Image of Mayor Kathryn Turbeville
Mayor Kathryn Turbeville

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Duke Energy:
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A Message from the Mayor . . .

Welcome to the Town of Turbeville, a great place to live, work, and play. Our citizens work very hard and hand-in-hand to make sure that our town continues to grow and to be one of the best small towns in South Carolina.  We offer a wide variety of entertainment for our young people and adults.  We have an excellent recreation program provided by the Clarendon County Recreation Department which offers year round activities for our children. These programs teach the skills youth need when they enter our middle and high school programs and life. Our educational programs are second to none in South Carolina; therefore, our young people can become whatever they wish to be.We try to make our town one of the most attractive in South Carolina. Turbeville is known for its Southern hospitality and charm. So, please feel free to stop and visit as you pass through.