Frequently Asked Questions:

How to pay a ticket:
Tickets can be paid in advance by cash, cashier's check or money order ONLY.  Personal checks, credit cards, ATM transactions , or on-line payments are not accepted.

Who to Pay:
All cashier's checks and money orders are to be made payable to the Turbeville Municipal Court.

Where to send your payments:
You may send payments to the Turbeville Municipal Court, P.O. Box 70, Turbeville, SC  29162.  When mailing payments you must include either a copy of the ticket or the ticket number.

What is the physical address of the Turbeville Municipal Court:
The Turbeville Municipal Court is located in the town hall building at 1400 Main Street, Turbeville, SC   29162.  The courtroom is located at the south rear entrance of the town hall, just off of the parking lot.

You or your payment needs to be in court when the judge rules on your case (ticket).  If you or your money is not present when the judge rules on your case then you will be subject to additional penalties and fines.


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