Newcomers Guide

Southern Hospitality and Charm

The Town of Turbeville believes in Fair Housing

Fair housing is the law. It is illegal to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or familial status. Working with local government like the Town of Turbeville,m you can counter the evils of discrimination in housing. When you suspect that you may be the victim of discrimination and prejudice in the renting or buying of a home, call the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission toll free in Columbia at 1-800-521-0725.



Duke Energy

*To subscribe for electrical service call the above listed 800 number and everything can be handled by telephone.
*To pay a bill – Electrical Bills may be paid at the Turbeville IGA.


Farmer's Telephone Company

Lake City Office - 219 W. Main Street

Manning Office - 2389 Paxville Highway

Sumter Office - 150 South Pike Street

Clarendon County has two area codes – 803 & 843. If you live in Turbeville (843 area code) and wish to call another number in Clarendon County but it has an 803 area code all needed to be done is dial 803 & the number – It will not be a long distance call as long as it is in Clarendon County.


Turbeville Town Hall

1400 Main Street


Farmer's Telephone Company

Lake City Office - 219 W. Main Street

Manning Office - 2389 Paxville Highway

Sumter Office - 150 South Pike Street


For more information contact the District Office at 843-659-2188 or check out their website at


Lake City Office - 728 South Ron McNair Blvd.

Manning Office - 3721 Alex Harvin Highway

Sumter Office - 430 South Pike East Street

Driver's License

A new resident has 90 days to obtain a South Carolina driver’s license after establishing residence. During that time, a valid out-of-state license may be turned in to the SC Division of Motor Vehicles and be qualified for a South Carolina license by paying a $12.50 fee. Military personnel may continue using a current driver’s license and tags from their home state as long as either is valid.

New residents of South Carolina must register all vehicles with the Division of Motor Vehicles and have South Carolina tags within 45 days of establishing residence. Registering an automobile requires the following: the odometer reading, completed application for title and registration, tax receipt and proof of liability insurance. If the automobile is currently registered in another state, the current registration certificate and lienholder’s complete name and address will be required. If there is no lien a certificate of title is all that is needed. The title fee is $5, and the registration fee is $24 (trucks may be an additional charge), or for those over 65 years of age $20.


To establish subscriptions to the following papers call:

SPCA (Humane Organization)

Farmer's Telephone Company

Sumter Office - 1140 South Guinard Drive


In the corporate Town Limits the Town of Turbeville has contracted with Waste Management Company to collect household trash. The fee is automatically added to your monthly water bill. Household trash is collected every Wednesday (unless otherwise noted). A curb roll garbage can will be issued when signing up for water service. These cans are to be placed on the curb side by 6:30am on the day scheduled for collection. The curb roll garbage cans are not to be left at the curb side except on the day scheduled for collection.
It shall be unlawful for any person to keep any domestic animals or fowl so as to be or become a nuisance or, because of noise, noxious odors, flies, filth or otherwise, tend to impair health or disturb the peace and comfort of the normal or reasonable occupants of nearby residences or places of business. It shall be the responsibility of any owner or caretaker to maintain either fenced or similarly effective enclosures or tethering for dogs let out of doors. It shall be unlawful for any person to own or have in possession any animal that has not been inoculated against rabies within the proceeding twelve months by a licensed veterinarian.


Permissible Period of sale and use:
*It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to discharge or sell fireworks of any description in the Town, except during the period from December 15th to January 15th and July 1st to July 15th.


Council has set in order the following curfew for all persons seventeen (17) years old and younger:

  • During the School Year – No persons, 17 years of age and under, shall be on the streets between the hours of 11:00pm – 6:00am on Sunday through Thursday nights, and 12:00am – 6:00am on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • In the Summer Months – No persons, 17 years of age and under, shall be on the streets between the hours of 12:00pm – 6:00am any night of the week.


It shall be unlawful for any person to loiter or prowl in a place, at a time or in a manner not usual for law-abiding individuals, under circumstances that warrant a justifiable and reasonable alarm or immediate concern for the safety of persons or property in the vicinity.
It shall be unlawful to place any advertisement, business, political or otherwise, or any notice or sign of any nature on public property within the Town, by the use of a placard, picture, paper, circular, painting, or by any means or device whatsoever.


Every person engaged or intending to engage in any calling, business, occupation or profession within the limits of the Town of Turbeville is required to pay an annual license fee and obtain a business license as herein provided.

  • Radios, phonographs, and car stereos: It shall be unlawful for any person to play any radio, phonograph or car stereo in the Town in a manner or with such volume as to annoy or disturb the quiet repose of persons in any dwelling, motel, or other type residence or business. These noises shall not be allowed to be heard at a distance of more than 50 feet.
  • Sound amplifying devices: It shall be unlawful for any person to operate any automatic or electrical piano, phonograph, loud speaker, instrument or sound producing device of like character so loudly as to unreasonably disturb the peace of persons in the vicinity or in a manner as renders the same a public nuisance; provided that upon application to and approval by the Chief of Police, permits may be granted to responsible organizations to broadcast programs of music, speeches, general entertainment or announcements as part of and incident to community celebrations of national state or town occasions, public festivals or outstanding events.